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I come across many amazing things in Second Life, so I have created this blog as a place to jot down notes about what I love in this creative world. Whether I find new items, interesting people or art, creative things or places, I will attempt to collate it all here. I shall also share creative things I find or create in RL.

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Welcome to my journal...
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SL Places and Shops I ❤

Indie or Vintage Villages
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Favorite Shops

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My Hogwarts R.P character - Erica Blishwick      (her 6 outfits)

B R E A T H - pile up I did about 6 months ago

A quick PILE UP - just to get back into the swing of things

I A M B A C K …

I  H A V E   B E E N   A W A Y   F O R   F A R   T O O   L O N G

The End

By The Doors

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

if your not too long…

if your not too long…

I love everything about you
your crazy thoughts and your strange attitude
your amazing smile and your gorgeous eyes
your unique lyrics and your jolting writings
I love the way you see this world
I love the way I see you

Grays and Whites: trees grew 

I don’t know what to say… I just feel like this needs to be written on walls in our world


Grown through and through and through the thickened slow trains staining westeast.
I’ve came before your long lashed love silk wrapping my stoned body, wet cement, drying along your mold
and broken toed sandals left along a white line where dashes came to be in the cemented malls
and whatever…

rain, pt 1.

graysandwhites: (written by someone just a little special to me)

It is raining in through the window
I used to keep it closed
My floor is now all wet
My shoes are heavily soaked
As it keeps raining through my window
I refuse to have it closed
because wet is real, these soaked seals
the blank papers heal to the floor
as it keeps raining through my window

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